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Welcome to my Blog!

I'm a simple person who loves photographing people and spending time with my husband and two little girls, Ellie (4) and Emmeline (1). My girls are my world and every day I wonder how I became so blessed to be their Mama.

When I'm not behind the camera I love to knit and sew cute things for my girls and bake cookies. My husband likes to say I'm a granny at heart, but I like to say I'm a woman of many talents. ;)

I also enjoy snowboarding, traveling and immersing myself in books. One day I will conquer Cornice and get down without snowplowing my way. I dream of traveling to Greece, Italy and Paris one day, but I have yet to convince the husband that traveling abroad with two little ones would be aweome. I'd also love to go camping and show my girls the joys of a perfectly toasted marshmallow and walking barefoot through an icy cold creek bed. And although I said it would never happen, I now read most of my books on my iPhone or iPad instead of a book. Have kids and you'll soon realize the gift of a built in light and always having your book with you.

I'm based in Orange County, California and ocassionally travel for shoots.

Yearly Archives: 2009

Out of Office

I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but it was crazy busy for me these past few months. I thought I’d have some time to relax and spend time with my family towards the tail end of this year, but that so did not happen! Life’s funny that way. Funny, as in sometimes I want […]

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Jeannine & Matt’s Wedding in Santa Barbara, Ca

Jeannine and Matt had such a fun filled wedding day with the most adorable, well thought out details. It really showed off their individuality and style and I enjoyed capturing every single moment of their wedding day. We were greeted with lots of little Tiffany blue boxes as we entered the suite where Jeannine and […]

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Ellie’s First Birthday Bash

All summer long, friends and family members were asking me if I had started planning Ellie’s first birthday yet. In Korean culture, this first birthday is quite an extravaganza which we call a Dohl and calls for much planning. Planning which I had no time for. So my answer was always a guilt laden, no, […]

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Paula & Michael’s Wedding at the Hilton Hotel

Paula and Michael married on a beautiful day on the rooftop of the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel in front of their dearest family and friends. I loved the vibrant fall colors that they chose for their day and all the little details they thought up! I started off with Paula and she had so many […]

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Jessica & Curt’s Wedding at Marvimon House

Jessica and Curt married in one of the most beautiful and unique weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure to capture and witness. It was a day filled with laughter, tears of joy, and a whole lot of love and care from family and friends. I loved all the details and sweet moments captured on their […]

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Angela & Derek’s Wedding at Estancia La Jolla, Ca

Angela and Derek’s wedding was held at the beautiful Estancia La Jolla on a perfect summer day. We had blue skies, bright colors, and a mix of modern and old world backdrops to shoot against. It all made for such a gorgeous day! Angela’s darling Kate Spade heels. Angela’s sweet father gifted his daughter with […]

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SoCal Photog Shootout – San Clemente, Ca

Earth, Wind and Fire. Leading one of the Photog Shootout groups last night was a blast. I got to see old friends, meet a bunch of new ones and come home with some amazing images and inspiration from none other than Joe Photo. The theme for my group was earth, wind and fire. The fire […]

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Caroline & Giulio’s Wedding at Seven Degrees Laguna Beach

I had the pleasure of capture Caroline and Giulio’s intimate wedding at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach, Ca recently. It was one of the most touching weddings I’ve been able to capture, as the two of them both wear their hearts on their sleeves, and I feel so very blessed to have been able to […]

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SoCal Photog Shootout – Oct 13 in San Clemente, CA

When Hanssie from Photog Shootout asked me lead a group at the next SoCal Photog Shootout, I was over the moon excited (and a bit nervous too)! I get so many emails from people asking for tips, mentoring sessions, help, advice, etc. I try my best to answer them all, but when I’m super busy […]

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My email has been acting up for a little while now so I finally had Jeff call my hosting company and apparently, they already know about the issue as it’s their outgoing message before you even get to speak to a live person. So, my apologies if you haven’t heard from me. I seem to […]

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