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I'm a simple person who loves photographing people and spending time with my husband and two little girls, Ellie (4) and Emmeline (1). My girls are my world and every day I wonder how I became so blessed to be their Mama.

When I'm not behind the camera I love to knit and sew cute things for my girls and bake cookies. My husband likes to say I'm a granny at heart, but I like to say I'm a woman of many talents. ;)

I also enjoy snowboarding, traveling and immersing myself in books. One day I will conquer Cornice and get down without snowplowing my way. I dream of traveling to Greece, Italy and Paris one day, but I have yet to convince the husband that traveling abroad with two little ones would be aweome. I'd also love to go camping and show my girls the joys of a perfectly toasted marshmallow and walking barefoot through an icy cold creek bed. And although I said it would never happen, I now read most of my books on my iPhone or iPad instead of a book. Have kids and you'll soon realize the gift of a built in light and always having your book with you.

I'm based in Orange County, California and ocassionally travel for shoots.

Monthly Archives: March 2010

Malibu Engagement : Amy & Lee

Lee was attending a cousin’s wedding and talking to his Uncle when his Uncle introduced him to a family friend/business partner. Not sure of what to say to the man, he spoke of school and his academic aspirations. Impressed by this young man, the family friend invited Lee to meet his daughter. Lee didn’t want […]

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The Evolution of Eating : Spaghetti Edition

Getting film back from Richard Photo Lab is always such a treat. Here’s what was in my inbox today.  Do you see how the sauce is all up the underside of her arm? I’m not even sure why we even bother bibbing her. But she insists on doing it herself and it’s so much fun […]

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Orange County Family Portraits: The Davidson’s

What I love most about Linda and Dylan is their wry sense of humor. It catches you off guard and makes you laugh out loud!  They’re just awesome like that. And they are both the most doting parents to their son Asher. Margaret of Muse Makeup Artistry did such a great job with Linda’s hair […]

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Malibu Engagement : Sneak Peek

Isn’t love grand?

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Orange County Family Portraits : Connie, Sean, Trystan & Jack

Connie and I knew each other online for years before we actually met in person for the first time at my house for a ‘Mommy and me’ play date with our babies. Not only that, we had mutual friends in common and over the years our paths would cross, but our face to face meeting […]

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Portraits : Middle of Nowhere

On the way home from WPPI we stopped out in the middle of no where and hopped out of the car for some casual portraits as the sun started to set. I shot these on my Contax 645 on Fuji 400H film. I think with film I’ll have to shoot a bit differently since shooting […]

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Orange County Baby Portraits: Lucas 6 months

I know you all recognize this cute little face! It has been such a joy for me to photography Lucas’s first year of life, from a tiny little preemie to the gorgeous baby you see here. It’s always a bit of a fun surprise for me to see the Woods family every few months to […]

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I’m in Love : Film

I just received another two rolls from Richard Photo Lab today and I am completely smitten. Now tell me this isn’t the most gorgeous color you’ve ever seen! Ok, I may be a little biased since I’m a bit partial to my baby girl, but still! These quick portraits that I took of her just […]

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Orange County Engagement : Liza & Chad

I love when my couples give me free reign and trust me even if it involves sliding down hill sides and under barbed wire to get to where I want to shoot. Liza and Chad met up with me at the location of my choosing and didn’t even flinch when I showed them how we’d […]

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wppi : las vegas : recap

I came home from WPPI with so many thoughts and dreams and ideas floating around my head. Some I’ve already implemented and am moving forward with. Others will be more of a gradual process, but I’m excited for what’s in store. Primarily, I’d like start shooting  film at all my sessions. I realized that all […]

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