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Welcome to my Blog!

I'm a simple person who loves photographing people and spending time with my husband and two little girls, Ellie (4) and Emmeline (1). My girls are my world and every day I wonder how I became so blessed to be their Mama.

When I'm not behind the camera I love to knit and sew cute things for my girls and bake cookies. My husband likes to say I'm a granny at heart, but I like to say I'm a woman of many talents. ;)

I also enjoy snowboarding, traveling and immersing myself in books. One day I will conquer Cornice and get down without snowplowing my way. I dream of traveling to Greece, Italy and Paris one day, but I have yet to convince the husband that traveling abroad with two little ones would be aweome. I'd also love to go camping and show my girls the joys of a perfectly toasted marshmallow and walking barefoot through an icy cold creek bed. And although I said it would never happen, I now read most of my books on my iPhone or iPad instead of a book. Have kids and you'll soon realize the gift of a built in light and always having your book with you.

I'm based in Orange County, California and ocassionally travel for shoots.

Skirball Cultural Center Wedding: Emily & Cy

Love is that enviable state

that knows no envy or vanity,

only empathy and a longing

to be greater than oneself…

-Thomas More

skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0100 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0101 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0102 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0103 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0104 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0105 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0106 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0107 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0108 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0134 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0110 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0111 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0112 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0113 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0114 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0115 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0116 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0117 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0118 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0119 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0135 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0121 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0122 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0123 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0133 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0127 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0128 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0129skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0136 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0137 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0130 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0131 skirball-cultural-center-wedding_0132

Venue: Skirball Cultural Center
Photographer: Sarah K Chen Photography
Second & Assistant: Jessica Schilling & Ashley Rittman
Coordinator: ME Weddings & Events
Beauty: Angie Lam
Florals: WenFloral
Dress: Hayley Paige
Videographer: Studio205 Films
DJ: DJZ Productions

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